Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips and Cues

It thrills me to pick up tips and learn tricks from other knitting blogs.  I was reading about Kathyb’s dual sock knitting strategy on Irisheyesknitters blog, and decided to try it.  I have been away from sock knitting for a while and don’t know why except that I feel bogged down when I knit socks.  I have a big problem with second sock syndrome.  So why not knit two at a time, even on DPN’s, which is the only way I knit socks.  So I’m trying it—right after I finish the yellow anklets.

I love it when DH and the kids take their cues from Mom.  Our daughter heard me talking about the big, floppy sun hat I saw at the garden shop last week and that I thought I should go back and get it because I need new gardening gloves.  Guess what was in the gift bag she set in front of me on Mother’s Day. 

Son #3 recently asked how many frogs I have in the garden, and once I established that he was talking about decorative frogs and not the real ones I told him that I was currently frogless.  Not any longer—I now have four frogs in the garden (two seen here).  I am a happy gardener (and a well-dressed one too).

Knitting moves along with the yellow anklet
The second pink fold-over mitt

and a new start prompted by Nancy of Wyoming Breezes.  I am using her baby blanket method expanded to full sized afghan.  This one will be done in the Chicago Bears colors navy, orange and white.

Life is good!!


kathy b said...

AHA! Thanks for the shout out! Try it YOULL LIKE IT. Two socks side by side eliminates Second SoCK SYndrome for me altogether.

YOU LOOK MAAAHHHH Valous in that hat. I LOVE that picture!!

I need some frogs too , I think.
CUbs have won 4 in a row...I know, I know....that may be all the fun we have this year!!!!

kathy b said...

and Yippee my chives are shooting up in the garden:)

Nancy said...

I love knitting two socks at the same time: it makes the knitting go faster for some reason.

The mitered square baby blanket is finished (it will be featured in tomorrow's post). It was a fun knit, so I know you will enjoy making your Chicago Bears blanket.

You are beautiful in your new hat.

gMarie said...

You look charming in that hat! It's a great accessory for you. I love the frogs as well - my husband also loves them. Maybe I should put some in our garden.

Many years ago a friend 'challenged' me to learn two at a time, magic looping. I don't get second sock syndrome - but my tension is so different from one sock to the next on double pins - which I love, but no longer use.


SissySees said...

I adore that photo of you. Bravo for gift-givers who pay attention!!