Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's A Good Thing

 It’s a good thing that I take a lot of pictures even though I use only a small number of them.  I can’t help myself since I have this wonderful camera given to me by nurse/photographer son.  I am in love with the Canon S100!  It’s light and easy to use and takes good pictures—unless, of course, I am taking a picture through a dusty window after a week of rain storms and high winds.  That’s how I took these Red Winged Blackbird photos. 

So I apologize for the not so great photos from a great camera, but I just had to show you the activity in our backyard, which is a good thing!  The birds love the garden and crave the suet.  To top that off, DH babies his birdies by buying them top of the line bird feed.  I’m talking about the song bird stuff.  They sit for 20 minutes lapping it up while I take pictures (like this woodpecker).  The Hummingbirds, thinking this must be the place to stop, buzz in and “hang out” for a few minutes! 

Top it all off with the wild flowers beyond the back fence which are amazing and you have paradise!

It’s a good thing to have some knitting content in my blog so--the pink fold over mitts are finished and I’m moving on with the afghan and lemon yellow ankle socks.  Knitting’s good.  

It’s a good thing that I’m a freak about my trees both in front and in back of our house, because there are those who would destroy them given half a chance!  I fought them off when they said the trees needed to be cut back (or totally down) in the past but I had no defense last week when fireman son found carpenter ants running across our roof where a tree limb hung.  We traced the critters back to three limbs in a tree and the next thing I knew both the exterminator and tree doctor were cutting and spraying.   
If my tree dies I’m suing!!  I’m suing son and husband first, then the tree doctor who actually said to me, “Aw you have lots of other trees out here.  It wouldn’t matter if you lost this one.” 

Some people are really irritating, but life is good anyway!!


Nancy said...

Yikes, carpenter ants!

I doubt that you will lose the tree from the cuts made, but I'd give it an extra drink from time to time.

kathy b said...


Your birding is wonderful. I am hoping hoping hoping to get some hummies to stay this summer at our feeder. Zip so far...

Such a wonderful tree hugging friend you are.
We may lose a ash to the emerald ash borer bug this year....:( OUr perfect parkway will not be perfect anymore.

LOVE your mitts. Must make me a pair!

SissySees said...

Have I ever told you that I broke up with the Knight when we were dating because he cut down some trees while I was working overtime at the firehouse?! I thought I was exhausted when I got home... until I saw the carnage. I feel your pain!