Friday, July 19, 2013

All The News That's Fit To Print

I figured out that if I don’t stop knitting at shawls, socks, this and that, I will miss Christmas altogether.  So, I ordered the Christmas knitting yarn.  In addition to the five pair of stash mitts I have completed and the current Amazing scarf I am working on, this will finish off what I am calling the 2013 “It’s Not Too Late To Get Some Christmas Knitting Done” dash!” When this week’s Elann Sneek Peek came in my inbox I thought “two of this and two of that and one of this and I’m in business.”  And that’s the knitting news.
Our beautiful granddaughter #1 has just signed up to run in this year’s Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 13th.  We are so proud of her that DH and I have been telling anyone who will stop long enough to listen to our news.  Most of them are starting to say, “Yes, we heard.  Your granddaughter is running…Chicago…blah, blah, blah.”  She is one of five in our family who regularly run 5k and 10k races, as well as fun runs.  Only one other family member (DIL)  has toyed with the idea of running a marathon.  Granddaughter is going to do it so maybe DIL will too!
I can’t believe the weird weather we have had across the country.  On Friday of last week it was 104° here in Fort Worth.  The 62° temperature shown on the patio thermometer was the next day at 2:00pm.  Saturday night it went down to the fifties.  Then the rain started--days and days of rain. It has been cloudy and not above 80° since then.  Weird!!  Is it weird in your neck of the woods?
It has come to my attention that I totally missed the 8th blogiversary of The Comfort Zone on July 4th.  How could I forget that?  For eight years I have been blogging with some of the greatest knitters on earth!  You have all made my life more joyous with your wonderful humor and observations.  You have warmed my heart with you loving, caring approaches to life and knitting, and you have made me want to keep coming back to read and write and connect.  Thank you all for 8 wonderful years!!

Life is good.


kathy b said...

LEt me be the first to say very happy blogaversary!
YOu know I just love you Katherine.
Hooray for Granddaughter and the Chicago Marathon!!!!!!!
I love the Elann colors in peachy tones that you are showing in your gift knit pile!

Life is good~~~ Im off this weekend ~! Pie is adjusting.
less intense heat on the way with tonights storms!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on 8 years of blogging! I enjoy reading your posts, so keep them coming.

Temps here have been in the mid-90s, and it is HOT. Since I don't have AC, I close up the house in the morning and it stays somewhat comfortable during the day. My electric bill is going to be high because the ceiling and floor fans are humming 24 hrs.

SissySees said...

Kudos to you on the blogging milestone, and whoa I'm impressed with GrandD #1. I do ONE 4-miler each year and moan and groan and hate it. If they'd let me take one of the fur-girls with me, it would be so much better.