Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Happy

Great grandson Bryce makes me happy!!  Just looking at that face makes my heart sing!  In one picture he is wearing the peapod and matching hat that I made for him.  A bit of a strategic error in the sizing because he is so much longer than we expected, but it’s so cute on him anyway.  I can’t wait to get him in my arms and hug him, rock him, snuggle him.  Of course you all know that he is the sweetest, cutest little boy in the whole wide world!! 

You’ve heard that saying “happy wife, happy life?”  Well I have amended that to include the dogs.  We have had a week of itchy, allergy-ridden pups scratching and doing all the unpleasant things dogs do when they are sick.  What to do—what to do?

First came the vet visit, shampoos with soothing baking soda rinses, ointments, a cooling haircut for Max and so on.  Then the doctor said the magic words, “are you feeding them commercial kibble?”  Of course!  They have been eating the same dog food for years with no sign of allergies.  After much discussion about feeding options we agreed that allergies could maybe, sorta/kinda be the problem and home cooked dog food might be the answer.

Next came the crash course in homemade dog food, what to include and what to leave out.  After turning our kitchen into a food laboratory we discovered that Macy and Max LOVE hamburger, stew meat, chicken or turkey.  Top any one of those with carrots, peas, sweet potato, and brown rice topped off by a drizzle of fish oil and a Tums for calcium and we have happy, happy dogs.  After the first serving they ate they curled up and slept like baby Bryce, followed by turbo time with much running and jumping.

The itching has almost stopped and we are hoping a complete cure is in the near future.  From now on there will be a big pot of dog food cooking on the stove at least once a week, which makes them happy dogs.

Knitting?  Yes I have been knitting the wool/acrylic scarf above in Amazing.  The colors really are!

Life is good!


Nancy said...

Many of my friends prepare food for their pets. I'm glad that the "new" food is improving Max and Macy's tummy problems.

SissySees said...

Welcome to the world of dogs and food allergies. Be sure to watch your commercial treats too. If corn is a problem... it's everywhere!!

Bryce is adorable and your knitting is beautiful too!

kathy b said...

I remember Huck chewing his paws when the grass grew in Chicago. Allergies are miserable for us as humans, and stressful for our pets too. THank goodness Cats dont do that.

Huck never got to the steroid allergy point thank God.
BUt it was a struggle. We never changed his food...
perhaps smart Katherine you are onto something!

I think we used a tar based shampoo with some success too.

kathy b said...

oh and I forgot to say AMAZING is awesome.....
who makes it?