Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer Slow Down

Do things move a lot slower for you during the summer?  Sometimes I feel like my life is at a standstill.  Thankfully it is not at a dead end, just plodding through deep mud puddles from summer storms. 
I gave DH a new grill for his birthday because his old one more or less blew up on the patio.  He came in one day as I was tossing together a salad to go with our grilled chicken breasts and nonchalantly announced that the grill was on fire.  We managed to put out the fire without calling the family fireman, and the chicken, which he had not yet put on the grill, was cooked in the frying pan.  Not only did I have to heat up the kitchen with the stove, the thing we were trying to avoid by grilling outside, but it took much longer to get dinner on the table (when you factor in the fire extinguishing).  S-l-o-w!!
I’ve talked before about the yellow sock which has become the world’s longest knitting project.  I should get a medal for putting up with this sock for so long!  I keep knitting and knitting and yet it does not get any longer.  This sock should be in a museum!  It defies completion.  I know all that yarn is going somewhere, and though I am ready to start the white toe when I measured it by my sock length card it tells me that I still have another inch and a half to knit with yellow.  This doesn’t bode well for the second sock.  At last count I have knitted more than 50 pairs of socks in my life and this sock may be the end of the run!  

I hope you all have an exciting weekend planned!  Mine includes wrapping meat for the freezer, chopping a huge cutting of herbs, drastically clipping Max’s fur for summer, and of course reading and knitting.  I will take another stab at the sock and start the second brown/green variegated mitt.  I fully expect all of these things to run s-l-o-w-e-r than usual.  It is summer after all and…

Life is good.


kathy b said...

I say OFF WITH ITS HEAD! ! NO more yellow sock drudgery. Rip it out Rip it out!!!
I don't have a sock size chart ...hmmmm I need one.

How do you save your herbs Katherine? Do you chop and freeze them?????? Do you wash them first?

I have rosemary and basil and oregano and chives..
we are eating most of the cliantro but the others I have more than we can use right now.

SissySees said...

I agree! Life's too short to push through a tedious knitting project. It would be precious baby something...

So glad the grill fire was handled without incident.

Nancy said...

If the sock refuses to progress, then by all means, frog it!

Thanks for reminding me that I need to fill the propane tank for my grill - company coming this week.

Grace said...

i am not a frogger-unless there is no resort to fixing a problem--so I would stick with it no matter how long it took

I also feel like things move slower--last week had 3 mondays--the regular one, then Wed became Monday because tom was off Tues for the funeral, then Friday became monday because of the holiday on Thursday

Also its Monday (again) and I just saw this post that you made on Saturday so yes things seem to move slower!