Friday, July 26, 2013

Expect the Unexpected

Our second son, a nurse at a hospital in Dallas, is a tall, strong, healthy man.  He goes to spin classes twice a week, does his own landscaping and gardening, rode in the Hotter Than Hell 100 bike race a couple of years back, and had a heart attack Monday evening.  It happens!  It has a lot to do with genetics (his grandfather, father, mother and two sisters) and lifestyle.  It also has something to do with the luck of the draw.  Thankfully he is well and healthy today!!  After surgery to insert a stent in an artery he will be good as new.  Better I hope.  All of your prayers and healing thoughts will also speed recovery!
Last weekend I went to the Farmers’ Market and it was wonderful!!  Have you ever noticed how good everything smells?  I just wanted to bury my face in the veggies and breathe deeply, but I would probably be sneezing gnats and pollen for a week.  And the cheese!!  I love big blocks of cheese.  So now our fridge is filled to overflowing with carrots, tomatoes, field greens, broccoli, leeks, peaches and lots more—along with the best cherries I’ve had all summer.  I am a big cherry eater!  I eat them every day when I can get them.  What a great weekend!!
I also found some beautiful placemats rolled with a big ribbon for $3.99.  We needed new placemats so I grabbed a couple and was surprised when I got home and opened them.  One side of each mat had not been hemmed.  I can only assume that to get them hemmed you have to pay $5.99.  I made a quick hemming job and used the black and white set with a red tablecloth at dinner.  Why does food always taste better when the table is pretty? (And the produce is fresh).
I was surprised yesterday as I was driving home.  I pulled out my camera and took a picture of some beautiful, puffy clouds through my front windshield.  Later as I was downloading the photos, I realized that the car in front of mine was a Tesla.  The license plate was TE5LA.   It’s an odd little car and I have to ask myself, did we need another odd looking little car?  That was unexpected!

Wool Ease mitt #1 is finished.

Watermelon are growing.
Dogs are sleeping.  Together.

Life is good!


kathy b said...

SO many healing prayers and thoughts for David RN!

WHat a week for you Katherine.

Yes food does taste better when the table is well set....but I rarely do that...hmmmm.. time for a simple change in my kitchen.

Watermelon! !it would never grow here...too short a season. I can only imagine how great it would taste from your OWN garden...OMG.

Love to the pups!

SissySees said...

So glad your son is on the mend. Love the pictures, and the pups. As I type, Gg and I are hip to hip, and Sis is a few feet away in her bed. Life IS good.

Nancy said...

Certainly glad to hear that the stent placement went well. Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery.

I love fresh veggies, but not too many in the Farmer's Market around here - yet. Soon, is not soon enough.