Friday, March 17, 2006

Discovering Comfort Zone

Thanks to all of you wonderful people who have said such kind things about Comfort Zone dpn’s! We’ve been talked about in the sock knitting groups recently, and it has made it possible for us to put these great needles into the hands of many sock knitters. After ordering and using them, lots of you have said things like, “The best thing since sliced bread,” and “I just can’t believe I can knit for hours without my hands hurting.” We have also received constructive comments like, “why don’t you post the length of the needles on your website?” And, so we did. (They are 7.75 inches by the way). It’s a nice thing to have a good product, and enjoy using it, but it’s a completely different picture when others discover it and want to use it too.

On the knitting front—I have finally started the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Carbon. I am also working on Wendy Bernard’s “Something Red,” a cute little summer sweater worked from the top down in one piece. It can be found at The Garter Belt. I also have two pairs of socks to repair for DD. She wears her socks with mules in the ER, and for some reason they seem to take a beating. Of course, she also admits to taking her shoes off as soon as she gets home, and walking around on flagstone floors in just the socks. Yeah, that would do it! So, I’m not in danger of running out of knitting projects any time soon. To top it off, I just ordered two more skeins of Socks That Rock, in Marbles and Falcon’s Eye.
Life is good!


Kathy said...

OH dear DD. I wear my socks at work with my nurse clogs, open backs. THey never touch the floor at home. Ever. I guess b/c I am the knitter and the nurse!

kelly said...

found your blog via Knit and Tonic...I'm in Ft Worth too! :)

Congratulations on the success with your needles; I'll have to give them a try someday!