Saturday, March 11, 2006

Orange They Cute?

Orange you gonna tell me you like them? Okay, enough with the orange jokes—these babies are orange Blauband. Sadly, I am not fond of Blauband. I have had several pair of socks in Blauband that:

1. didn’t wear well
2. seemed thin and not very warm
3. felt rough on my feet
4. did not give me warm fuzzies while knitting them.
But thanks to a contribution from a friend (who does not like Blauband either), I ended up with six skeins of this orange stuff. What to do—what to do. I decided to make some thick, 60’s style, cuff-topped socks. I used a double strand, so as to get rid of this blasted yarn as quickly as possible, then made them l-o-n-g in the leg, and reinforced in the heel and toe with yet another strand of—yep, you guessed it—Blauband. I am now down to the toe on the second sock and to my surprise, I still have two skeins of it left over. I think it is multiplying in my yarn basket. Soon I will have baby skeins of orange Blauband all over the knitting room. I can hear the Mom and Dad laughing at me. What a joke they pulled on me. “You’ll never get rid of us!”

I am trying to finish the cursed socks because I want to start the Blue Moon Socks That Rock in Carbon. I’m going to use the same Yukon Leaves pattern that I used for my Sock Pal’s socks, because I love it. At the same time, I am starting DD’s sunshine yellow shawl. That should keep me knitting for at least two months. Then it's on to DIL's afghan. I don’t know what yarn I will use for the latter just yet. I need a trip to my favorite LYS to decide.

DH says I’ll use any excuse to buy yarn. He walked into my office a few days ago just in time to see me log-out of Paypal. “What was that?” he asked. “Nothing,” I answered. “You bought yarn didn’t you?” “Yarn?” I answered. He glared at me and said, “Yes, yarn—that soft, fluffy stuff that you obsessively collect.” “Maybe a little,” I answered. He just shook his head and walked out. At least I have him trained not to argue about things he cannot change. And it only took 45 years.


Kathy said...

uhg oh. does this mean I have 22 more years to go?

Gardengirl said...

I like your orange socks!!! Going from blog to blog I am noticing a lot of people are knitting socks these days. By the way I love your new knitting bag.

yarnwright said...

Knowing you're in TX, and I'm in TN, and we 'could' argue over that orange (TN VOLS!!!)... I have to say, although orange isn't my favourite colour either, I, too just made something orange, well, rather, I used Mango... for a blanket/afghan for my upcoming DGD....
It GROWS on you, doesn't it??

Katherine said...

Yes,they are growing on me Noreen! I wore them to a meeting a few days go,and told everyone that they are my "don't shoot me socks."