Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Easter Egg Colors

No, these are not a new style of Legos, and they are not “do-it-yourself “ Pick-Up sticks. These are…TA-DA… the new colors of #0, #1, and #2 Comfort Zone dpn’s. This is what they look like when they come out of the mold. Then they have to be popped off their frames (which holds one of each size), polished and matched by size and color. When I got these I immediately pulled the #2’s off, polished them and put them to use in the second Carbon sock.

Then, I decided that we should sell them in multi-colored sets—sort of a coat of many colors needle set. I will have to show them as a mixed set on the website and see if there is any interest in them. I think the different colors are pretty together, but then everyone who knows me understands that I am always a few degrees off center. Who says all four or five dpn’s have to be the same color? Oh well, sets of all one color will be pretty too!


Rebeckah said...

You can keep the needles ... I'll take the yarn.

wendy said...

No take the needles too...they're great!

Gardengirl said...

Look at all the pretty colours of needles! Is each colour a differend size?

Anonymous said...

Hey Grandma, I'm trying to knit. I went out yesterday and got yarn and needles, now I'm working on the technique, but my hands hurt! Wish my luck, it's kind of frustrating.


Anonymous said...

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