Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bunny Is In The House

Little Bunny Foo Foo has arrived. I think it is my absolute favorite STR, and that’s saying a lot! Just look at the photo—at the bottom the little belly is fuzzy white, the back is a soft brown, and at the top the ears are pink, to form a perfect bunny yarn. I am finishing the toe of the second Rhodonite sock this evening, and will cast on for Bunny. While I am knitting, I will be thinking of Kathy who is going on a STR fieldtrip this weekend. Can you imagine—a Blue Moon Fibers hunting trip. Kathy, I hope you “bag” a lot of yarn. What fun!

I have also reached another multiple project bottleneck. I currently find myself in the middle of the Oro y Vino scarf, the Flair sweater in emerald Swish, and another Le Slouch hat in red cashmere blend. I really don’t like to hop from one project to another, so why do I do it? I think having yarn around makes me want to knit all of it at once. Also, I just got a new electronic row counter that counts rows on three projects. Well, there you are—I have to have three projects going to see if it works. Right?

I am really pushing to get all three projects and the Bunny socks done before we leave on our trip the end of April. I can do it.


Jenn said...

Oooh - pretty! and I'm all about casting on the projects!

Carol said...

bunny Foo Foo looks wonderful. And of course you have to test out the fancy stitch counter.