Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting There

Never mind....I have just removed a link to my new blog until the person designing the site gets a chance to make it receive comments properly. Thanks Ina for letting me know about the problem.

I have finished the long, brown skinny scarf. Just plain garter stitch in brown Moda dea Cache’ with a sparkly copper thread running through. It is pretty and warm (Minnesota here I come). Also finished the first STR Bunny Foo Foo sock (photos next post), and the red cashmere blend tam as seen here.

O-hhhhh the tam—it did give me such a fight! I followed the “Cashmere Tam” pattern that is going around, and can be found here. Where it says to knit 32 more rows after the rolled band and ten increase rows—big mistake! It was so big that it fell down around my ears and hung down my neck in back. I’m sure there is a rap singer around who would think it is quite fashionable (yeah, I know that’s not the way he/she would say it). For me, I looked like an orphan in a hand-me-down hat. So I frogged, and frogged, and frogged some more. After an hour of rather tightly decreasing the top, it was more to my liking. If I hadn’t been bored to tears—real tears—with the whole project I would have done a more polished job of finishing the top. But I was just glad to close it up and throw it in a drawer. It’s going to take a cool down period before I’m ready to wear it without wanting to rip it apart or dispose of it permanently. Some projects are like that….

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