Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hiccupped And Died

That’s what my computer did. It was very sick and its demise was sad. The CD drive stopped working, then the USB ports, then it whimpered through processes until it gave one last hiccup—and drifted away. There is a new, shiny computer in its place, which is also sad in a way. The other had served me well for six years—a long time in computer years!

After the better part of three days reloading all the software in the computer I then discovered Vista…. The word Vista, makes one think of mountains, streams and valleys filled with flowers. Microsoft Vista—not so much. I would like to know who devised this new attempt to finish off what’s left of my mind. I am taking it personally. Microsoft has moved everything, changed everything, made all those things we are used to doing and seeing, disappear at one fell swoop, MacDuff! I can’t even figure out how to insert my Jack Russell Terrier wallpaper, and that’s serious!

Knitting was on the back burner during the struggles with machines. I did, however, finish Rhodonite STR, and cast on for Bunny Foo Foo. I wore Rhodonite today and DH said they are the prettiest pair of socks I have knitted. Just wait until he sees the Bunny. Bunny Foo Foo has become my deliverance in the last few days. What would we do if we didn’t have knitting to relieve stress? Whenever the battle with machine became unbearable, I would pick up Bunny and knit a few rows. This will become known as the war that Bunny won. The knitting is good, and life is good.


Carol said...

Yeah, my husband (the resident IT dude) has already gone on the record as saying that the next computer will be a Mac because "micr@s@ft sucks". Or in other words, te current verrsion of Wind@ws blows, I've heard nothing but bad reviews for Vist@ so we are staying the hell away!

Katherine said...

That was my husband's first comment, "why didn't we buy a Mac?" An example--just now I was trying to back up to a previous screen, and I couldn't find the back icon. That just shouldn't be!

wendy said...

what a bummer...nice sock though