Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Did It Again

I said I was finished with hats for a while. But there was this hot pink Louisa Harding cashmere blend yarn sitting on the shelf and I wondered, hmmm, what can I do with that? Immediately my blue hat with the lace edge popped into my mind and I struggled with the idea of knitting yet another hat for all of 30 seconds. I guess it is okay since it is such a quick knit, and I only have three or four projects on the back burner right now, so it seemed like a quick way to destash.

I was supposed to be knitting the Something Red sweater in blue for a KAL, but the sweater is not going to survive I’m afraid. Have you ever started a project that was fraught with problems from the start? A couple of minor mistakes in a project do not put me off, but when every other row contains some deficiency, I have to rethink the whole thing. Something Red in blue was extremely flawed, and I decided that it was better to find another use for the beautiful blue wool. While I was still in the failure funk, knitting a lacy little pink hat was just what the knitting doctor ordered.

I have put the blue wool aside and picked up jade green Swish from Knit Picks to knit Wendy Bernard’s Flair sweater. I feel revived and sure that this project will be a success—and all it took was another hat.

Also nearing completion—STR in Rhodonite, and a skinny scarf in Oro y Vino Malabrigo. And the knitting goes on....


wendy said...

How is that Louisa harding kashmir?
I thought about getting some for a sweater since is going to have some @the 5th of 6th this month.

Katherine said...

The Louisa Harding Kashmir makes a beautiful, soft fabric, and I love it when I'm finished knitting with it. It does, however, shred badly while you are working with it. I couldn't get a needle cleanly through most stitches without it coming apart. I do knit tightly though, which may add to the problem. I would suggest using needles with very narrow points.

Kim said...

I love your pink hat! What pattern did you use? It's VERY pretty!

Katherine said...

Thanks Kim,
This pattern is free at It is one of my favorites (having made four hats in this pattern).