Saturday, March 12, 2011

Around and Around

I'm feeling a little dizzy from the 'round and 'round stuff!  I have been knitting the first sleeve on the blue sweater for, ummm, three years now.  Actually it's only been five days but why isn't it getting any longer?  It was my bright idea to knit the sleeves in the round instead of flat and sew them on later.  Now, with hindsight being all knowing, I realize that flat would have been faster.  I have a whole sweater in my lap and after two or three times around the sleeve I have to stop and unwind the sweater and free up the working yarn.  Note to self:  follow the pattern instructions in the future!
Then there is the EZ Cardigan.  I did follow the pattern on this one--gauge and all.  Let me tell you, knitting with fingering weight yarn is  s-l-o-o-o-w!  On this one the instructions say to knit to the the armholes in the back then pick up shoulder stitches and knit the same amount for the right, then left fronts.  EZ right?  It would be if the instructions didn't direct the knitter into a quagmire of increasing for the vee-neck and increasing for the armholes at the same time only on different rows (every five here and every second there).  There goes my head whirling again.

All of this keeps me knitting.  It does not, however, provide bunches of blog thoughts.  So please forgive me for the boring post.

I'll liven things up a bit with pictures of Macy doing doggie yoga.  .  She is very adept at her yoga and is seen here doing Downward Dog
 and Proud Warrior
 She is working on Matsyasana and making progress.
 I should be so flexible!  Life is good.


Grace said...

You and me both on the flexible thing---just the back exercise he has me on are tangling me up in knots.

I was working on a sweater today and realized no way did I have any where near enough yarn and of course it is discontinued. So to the frog pond it went except for the pretty cabled sleeve band, eventually I will pick up the stitches from the bind off edge and continue it as a scarf but right now its move on to something else!

Katherine said...

I hate it when the yarn is perfect for the project but there just isn't enough of it!! I had to order 4 more skeins of the blue Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for the blue sweater. Thankfully they still had the same dye lot available but that seldom happens. What a great idea to make the cabled sleeve a scarf. I'll remember that for when it happens to me. And it will!!

kathy b said...

Hysterical yoga poses...

Love your sweater... it is so beautiful. Round and round..and round she goes
where she stops nobody knows

Katherine said...

One sleeve is finished and it took so long I'm considering making it a one sleeve sweater.

It's really funny to see Macy and Max do doggy yoga together!