Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I ask that question (where have I been?) with tongue in cheek but it is a reasonable question when you consider that I have been among the missing everywhere for the last week--sick as a dog as they say.  That's not why I asked the question though.  I'm wondering how I missed all the hoopla over some of the world's greatest music--Five For Fighting.

I guess Five For Fighting has been around for many years because when I started listening to the music I had to say, "Oh I've heard that one," again and again."  Who hasn't heard Superman or 100 Years or Last Great American.  I know I'm the only person in the world who didn't know about this!!

DH is an avid NASA channel watcher.  I usually pay no attention to it but I was drawn in by the video here over the weekend and just couldn't stop watching it and listening to John Ondrasik's particular brand of smoky-pop-contemporary rock music.  Where have I been?

"Under the weather" as I was, I managed to finish the Spyrogyria mitts and wear them around the house all weekend.  They made me feel better so I guess they are mine.  I also have worked down to the last six inches of the last sleeve of the FOREVER blue sweater project.  I will finish it this week and wear it to ward off the AC in the office. 
Having spent so much time on this sweater, however, I almost want to stop myself before I go back to the EZ Cardigan and use the time for something entirely different and unusual (for me) like these--lace wristlets for Christmas gifts.  I know, I know, it is only March and I'm thinking about Christmas, but I have to knit a pair and wear them myself to see if they will work as gifts!  

On the doggy yoga front, Macy is still working on Matsyasana but Max has it down and is tutoring her.




Grace said...

hope you will be feeling better soon, and your dog and yoga--quite cute!

kathy b said...

and they are beaded none the less! amazing patten for the wristlets....

dog yoga hysterical.
Such a busy time of year for you and to be under the sorry! Tea for my!

kathy b said...

I just went to itunes and bought five for fighting songs! thanks Katherine