Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm thinking that my brain is fried.  It needs a rest!  The last week has weighed heavy on the whole family and it has caused me to be unable to knit, read, THINK, or do anything useful.  It all started on Sunday when Fireman son began having chest pains while on duty.  Then, the whole family fell down the rabbit hole that is commonly known as "the hospital" and lost two days to fear, worry and waiting while tests were completed.  It's Tuesday and they still don't know what caused the chest pains but at least we are confident it was not a heart attack!!  I'm very thankful for that but still...fried!
Before the hospital hullabaloo I was having trouble deciding what to knit next.  I finished the blue sweater and continued working on EZ Cardi, but I'm a multiple project knitter--always with at least two projects going.  So what next?  I can't think.  My brain is fried.  It must be work!  It has been a long and tiring tax season and while we are nearing the finish line I am ready to quit NOW.  I have important stuff to do like decide what I will knit next!
Several blogs are talking about favorite yarn types--an interesting topic!  If you had asked me ten years ago I would have told you that I am a wool girl through and through.  Don't give me any of that acrylic junk.  Today, I am still not fond of most acrylics but I do have a love affair with Caron's Simply Soft!!  A few years ago I bought some Simply Soft for a shawl on the knitting machine.  It works great on machines because of the silky surface of the yarn.  The machine shuttle slides over it easily.  I loved the texture of the shawl and it is very warm.  It also washes and dries in the machines.  Who could ask for more from a yarn?

So yarn favorites:  Malabrigo first, Blue Moon Socks That Rock second, and Simply Soft third.  I'm easy to please!

Life is good.

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kathy b said...

So sorry to hear of the chest pains and ensuing work up. THank God it sounds less than critical. What a worry !!! Poor You > WOrst timing possible.

IT is almost tax day...hang in there my friend, keep eating the elephant one bite at a time