Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Gone In Sixty Seconds

The sparkle mitts are finished and gone to Canada with SIL’s mom.  I passed them off as soon as they came off the needles and were photographed.  It feels good to give my knitting to someone who admires it and appreciates it.  Don’t you love finding someone who is awed by your knit projects and feels honored to receive one as a gift?  It makes me feel like this thing I do is valuable to others—even only one or two!!  And let’s face it; I would knit even if no other person in the world valued my efforts.
Then there is Peapod for the new baby.  Berry Tart Hat has been sent off to Chicago and Peapod will follow today.  The green hat, with its little green leaf hanging from the top, is on the needles and will follow next week.  I will write up the pattern very soon for anyone who is interested.
Another pattern I will be writing is for my Skinny Mittens.  I asked myself why I don’t wear mittens and the answer was that they are always so chunky and big that my hands feel swallowed up in them.  What I need, I decided, is skinny mittens that fit my hands the way fingerless mitts fit.  So I set about modifying a standard mitten pattern to be tapered and pared down so they fit my hand smoothly and with minimum extra fabric around my hand.  As I knit and try on I think my plan is working.  Time will tell!  Btw using KnitPicks Chroma in two colors and knitting a four row stripe.

Max is talking.

Macy is listening.

Life is good.


Nancy said...

I'm intrigued with your new mitten pattern because I find mittens awkward to wear.

Love your finished projects and glad that you've found an outlet for your knitted items.

Grace said...

aren't you quite the designer, I can't wait to see and knit your patterns!

kathy b said...


I Love the red fingerless.
Skinny mittens idea is a good one Katherine.

I love the green baby bag. IT will look so uber cute with the berry hat.

YOU have abeen a busy one what with tax season too.

I too love when anyone loves my knit gifts to them