Tuesday, April 09, 2013

It's In The Mail

I didn’t think it could happen, considering everything that is going on with work, but I started, finished and mailed the matching hat for the Peapod Sack.  It’s so cute with its little leaf hanging down the side.  I can’t wait to see our new little pea in it!!

I also finished one Skinny Mitten and started another pair of fingerless mitts, so knitting is officially going forward.  If things keep going like this I might be tempted to drag out Classic Cardi and actually take a stab at finishing it—but I don’t want to go overboard!

Sunday night the family gathered for a “happy birthday DIL and we’ll miss you SIL’s mom” dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Need I say that the margaritas flowed freely?  I had not had flautas de pollo since starting Weight Watchers last year so I indulged and enjoyed!!  SIL’s mom wore the sparkly mitts (it was a chilly night) and it made me happy to know my knitting is appreciated.  She heads back to chilly Canada tomorrow.
For some time I have been wondering which dog is eating my basil plants in the window box.  I thought it was Macy because that corner of the breakfast nook bench is her favorite place to stand and watch squirrels. But this morning I actually caught Mr. Max pulling up a newly planted basil plant from the corner-of-the-bench vantage point.  He put it down fast before I had a chance to get a picture of him with the loot in his mouth.  I guess I shouldn’t have rewarded him with hamburger and rice for lunch.  Right?

Life is good!!


SissySees said...

Wow you're productive. I need to pick my knitting up... right after I wrangle our Schedule C and call those taxes DONE...

Macy looks indignant; and well she should! ;)

Nancy said...

The Pea Pod set is adorable! I hope you will post of photo of the Little Sweetpea in the set.

Your skinny mitt fits really well. Nice job.

kathy b said...

Your knitting is in great shape! Im make a pair of mittens due to you!! Poor Macy.....wrongly accused. Ha ha.

gMarie said...

I'm guessing the basil was right in his sight line and he needed to move it so he could properly do his job of defending the yard!

Love the little pea pod sack and matching hat. I've just been invited to a baby shower and don't have a gift ready - this is a great idea. g