Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wicked Cool!

I don’t know where the time has gone.  I’ve been playing catch-up ball at work and lost a whole week.  Last Saturday I went to Dallas (we call Dallas a little suburb of Fort Worth) with my girls to see the wonderful play Wicked.  My sweet girls are DD, Granddaughter, and two DILs.  I can never get enough of going places with them and just being with them.  Add to that a super special production and I can honestly say that Wicked whipped up some magic for me!!  Offering a back story for The Wizard of Oz was sheer genius and pure entertainment.

On to knitting--I wonder why when I am using yarn with long color changes and I start with the same color on a second part of a project, (sock, mitt, and mitten) why don’t the color changes occur in the same places.  Does that happen to you?  I was knitting along on these:

and I started both mitts with the coral section of the yarn but when it was time to change to beige or blue or rose—no match!  I had to cut and paste, so to speak.  It was infuriating!  The result is that there are knots and woven in ends on the inside of the second mitt and that just makes me mad!!  I can’t give that as a gift.  Forget that, I don’t even want to wear them!  Whoa, I think we were just hit by a mini-rant.  Forgive me!!

Garden planting begins:

The dogs are doing what they do best:


 and napping....

Life is good!!


Nancy said...

I'm intrigued about "Wicked." It sounds really interesting.

Your mitts turned out great. I don't think the recipient would even notice the frustrations you had with the yarn and the striping.

kathy b said...

AL and I saw WICKED Twice and we loved it.
So glad Your GDD is feeling great. SHe looks amazing.

As for the mitts, you know I"ll never look INSIDE them.
Maybe you won't be as hard on yourself tomorrow. They really are darling.

I planted some chives today. Too cold here yet to plant seriously. Will enjoy watching your garden!!!!

Hi puppies

SissySees said...

I wanna see Wicked one of these days! The mitts are lovely, but I share your frustration; color changes should be consistent!

Anonymous said...

On those long-repeat yarns, I've given up trying to be matchy-matchy and just let the colors fall where they may.

I think the mitts turned out cute.