Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ho, Ho, Ho....

Other than Sockapaloooza, and starting Christmas 2006 knitting, what’s up with you? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s too early for Christmas, but I decided that if I don’t start now I will be beating my head against the same brick wall at the end of the year. It sounds like a good plan on the surface—knit those afghans, socks, scarves, shawls, gloves, hats etc. now and stay ahead of the game. But am I going to be tired of Christmas by the time it gets here? Is it really necessary to rush, hurry and just about run out of time every Christmas? Maybe I will, and maybe it is, but I’m going to try this for at least one year, and see if there are universal repercussions.

So, I’m starting with red cashmere blend socks for DD. They have ruffled tops and are amazingly soft and comfy. This will be followed by an Aran afghan for same DD, and a prayer shawl for DIL who drives a long distance to work everyday, requiring a lot of prayers on my part! Add to that all the family members who are grousing about not getting socks this year (5), an HP scarf for youngest GS, green cabled leg warmers for the Irish dancer, and the golf club covers I didn’t finish this year for DH…well, you see why I’m starting early.

I have to admit though that this is the kind of stress I LIKE! It gets me away from the approaching threat of tax season, new accounting clients, and all the other day-to-day things that drop in on us and make us want to yell, “Hey, can’t you see I’m busy here?” This time of year I develop a total inability to multi-task—it’s all just too much for me. So adding Christmas knitting makes me feel better all around. I just have to keep my priorities straight—knitting first, work second!

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