Monday, February 06, 2006

Ready, Set, Knit

It's SockapalOOOsz time! I have the yarn--Blue Moon Fiber Arts handpainted, superwash merino, in the Cobalt Bloom colorway. I am tossing around two patterns in my mind. Don't know which I'll use yet, but I'll let you know. I've never knitted with this wool before, but I love the softness and texture. I think it will make yummy socks. I may have to order lots more of this.

My Sock Sister said in a message this morning that there may be knitters out there who have finished their socks already. I'm fast, but not that fast! Anyway, I want to finish my Opal Dreamcatcher socks before I start. It's not that I'm a project purist--you know, finish one before you start another. I am far from it! I have about five projects going right now. But, I really like this Opal and the pattern I'm using, so I want to finish them so I can wear them. I am turning the heel on the second sock, and expect to be finished by tomorrow night. THEN, Sockapaloooza sock here I come.

What more could any knitter ask for, luscious yarn, Comfort Zone needles, and a sock pal eagerly awaiting my creation. Life is good!


Soggy Desert Rat said...

Oh, Wow! That's some gorgeous yarn! I just found that website last week and am waiting on some overtime money. I think there are two colors on the entire site I do not like. Very dangerous place.

Your sock pal will be thrilled!

neko_loco said...

Oh man, that is some lovely yarn! I was already itching to try some, but hadn't yet seen this colorway. Lucky sockpal!

Rebeckah said...

Now you make me want to run off and buy some yarn from Blue Moon. Ready, Set, GO!

Jenn said...

Hi - I just found you via sockapaloooza updates, and I wanted to say hi, as I'm in Fort Worth too! Small world!