Sunday, February 12, 2006

Progress In Yummy Yarn

My sock pal’s first sock has been cast on, ribbing done, and three repeats of the pattern completed. The pattern I’m using is Yukon Leaves by Lela Conrad, and can be found here.... I cast on with US#3 and switched to US#2’s for the ribbing and the rest of the sock. The Blue Moon handpainted yarn is the ultimate luxury yarn. I have never used any like it. It just feels so good to knit with that I want more-more-more! Actually, I did order more in Carbon (a stormy mix of sky colors with green mixed in), but it is out of stock, and I have to wait two weeks for it. That will give me plenty of time to finish these socks and the red socks I’ve started in cashmere blend. Life is good when there are socks on the needles, and Sockapaloooza is in full swing.


Kevin said...

OMG Katherine that yarn is to die for!

Then I see that it is Blue Moon like DUH. If I ever get to their store I may never leave.

Love the pattern too.

Rebeckah said...

That is a LOVELY pattern. Can't wait until I get a chance to knit it myself. Unless .... I can convince a certain Texas based friend to knit a pair for me.

Grauwal said...

I love how the yarn seems to stripe vertically. The pattern is great. Let me be your sockpal!

Jenn said...

They look great! Love the colors!