Sunday, February 26, 2006

Close--But No Cigar

I thought I would be posting photos of two finished socks this week, but a lot of things have gnawed away at my knitting time. I came close--just three more inches to the toe of sock number two. I think I'll be posting finished photos next week. I hope so, because I just got my second order of Socks That Rock yarn, in the Carbon colorway. I have enjoyed the Blue Moon yarn so much that I can't wait to start the second pair. I have already started thinking of goodies I can add to the box that will eventually go to my sock pal. Everyday I think of something else--watch out sock pal, this is going to be a really big box!

On the missing pattern front (see previous post), the pattern is well and truly missing. My designing pal, Kris, has offered to create a pattern for the front of the vest so I can finish it. It's not that I can't calculate how many stitches to cast on for the front, and how many rows to knit, but it just has to look better if a designer does it! I'm into the knitting and Kris is into the designing. Works for me....