Thursday, February 23, 2006

Missing In Action

Have you ever lost a pattern? I have lost my sweater vest pattern. Here’s a picture of what it would look like when finished, if I had the pattern.

It’s not as though I haven’t been working on it right along, because I have. When I decided to do it all in garter stitch, Sally Melville style, I knew it was going to be slow going, because I’m not fond of garter stitch. So I had to make a firm commitment to work on it at least once a day. The back of the vest, is nearly finished, and is very pretty and different. That is partly due to the teal and purple variegated Encore yarn, but the stitch pattern does lend something to an otherwise blah design. The pattern was from Knitter’s magazine, Winter 2005. Wouldn’t you know that I cut it out and put it into a plastic sleeve, rather than copy it and leave the original in the magazine. Now it is missing from my knitting basket where it has been since I started working on the back. What to do—what to do?

I have never lost a pattern before. I am somewhat obsessive-compulsive as far as organizational tasks are concerned—okay, in everything! I put patterns, in their little plastic sleeves, into a thick notebook, arranged by classification, i.e. sweaters, socks, shawls, etc. I have eleven of those big books, and I’ve been through all of them—no pattern. All of my magazines are in one place—no pattern. So, do I go into “design-your-own” mode? Do I rip it all out and start over with another pattern? Do I search for that magazine all over town and the internet, hoping I’ll find one intact that no one has cut a pattern from? I need some input here people!

I’m going online now to to see if I can get a back copy of the magazine. But I’m asking myself if it’s worth it. What would I do without these big decisions in my day? Knit, that’s what.

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