Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Why oh why did I choose scarves as this year’s Christmas gift.  They take so long to knit.  At least the scarves I like do!  I like them long and a little wider than the average scarf.  After taking a good, long look my whole knitting situation, I find that I am covered up with scarves, l-o-o-n-g, time consuming scarves.  I like to get a project finished quickly and go on to something else.  I like to choose patterns and yarns for the next two or three projects, and I get grumpy when I can’t start them until I finish the three projects I already have started.  I am my own worst enemy!!

The result is that I have allowed myself to cast on for a lace scarf.  You can’t have a cone of lace weight yarn, especially in a cranberry color, and not use it!  I think it is a written law:  “New cones of cranberry-colored yarn must be used immediately.” (Knitter's Law No. 3175.38).
Classic Cardi is moving along as well.  I love knitting with KnitPicks organic cotton.  This will not be the last sweater I knit in their yarn!  I am thinking about something in this color: 
I only need two more inches on the back of Classic Cardi before I begin to decrease for armholes.  When the back is finished I always do a little victory dance because the front sections and sleeves are MUCH quicker knits.

The week is only half over but I am anticipating a quiet, healing weekend.  We had another family surgery this week.  Dear SIL had back surgery and surprised us all by going home the next day!  I’m getting to know the hospital better than I ever wanted to, and actually learning to enjoy cafeteria food (as long as it is a salad).  So I am going to bury my head in knitting and movies, make my own salads, and doze off for a good nap whenever I want this weekend.  I have already warned the whole family that if anyone goes to the hospital they can expect me to show up in jammies and slippers, my red Dr. Dre headphones on my head and my knitting bag over my shoulder.  What a picture!!

Look who came to visit:


Nancy said...

I've heard about Knitter's Law No. 3175.38, and I certainly would not want you to be placed on probation because the Knitting Police would probably take your needles.

Blue Jays are not common to this area, so I've only seen one in my entire life.

SissySees said...

Hem. I hope your SIL did NOT discharge himself, as yours truly did after her back surgery. If so, I hope he's married to one of the nurses in your family, because I wouldn't have survived without my aunt. She's not a nurse, but she has seen her husband through several back surgeries and knew how to help me. Regardless, best wishes for a complete recovery.

Love the pending blue sweater yarn. Love the works in progress too.

kathy b said...

Dr Dre' are So Olympic!!! I want some.

You just take the recharge weekend and relax.....
You have had so much on your plate.

HEy I recognize that lace scarf pattern....

IM just like you with starts and finishes!

Our Jays have been furious with a Hawk around the neighborhood. We had a nuthatch today!