Sunday, August 26, 2012

You Want Me To Knit What?

That was my first thought when I learned that Kathyb’s pattern swap included a knitted bookmark.  A bookmark?  I’ve never knitted a bookmark—I didn’t even know there were published patterns for bookmarks!!  So I found the patterns and knit two of them.  A simple case of “download them and they will be knitted.”

First I finished one in crochet cotton:
Then I did one in bamboo:

Then, out of curiosity, I went looking for my Mother’s cross bookmark in her Bible.  It’s crocheted.  Not going there!!
I would never have believed I would find comfort in knitting bookmarks, but I want to knit thousands of them!!  Well, maybe a hundred!  They are quick and oh so satisfying to a project knitter like me.  It’s knit a little—done, knit a little more—done again, and so on.  Kathy you have created a monster!  I am now knitting a beaded bookmark, then it is on to glitter yarn and, whoa, I could use cashmere and add beads and glitter and….

Speaking of books, It’s a sad thing what has happened to real books, both hard cover and paperback!!  I love books and have them in bookcases all around the house and office.  I love to open a new book and smell the new book aroma.  In bookstores I love to stick my face into a new book and breathe deeply.  (By the way, that is probably not a good idea because 50 other people have most likely done the same thing).  When I read a new book, I confess, I pick up the Kindle and never think about going to a book store to buy a book.  The reason is that e-books are cheaper!!  If you read a lot, the cost and storage space required for real books becomes prohibitive.

Do you read real books?  Do you read with a Kindle or Nook or tablet of some other name?  I realize that real book reading and collecting is a lost art, gone the way of personal correspondence and writing real checks to pay bills.  I have a theory, if we all knit enough bookmarks people will have to use them and will buy more books.  I plan to do my share!!

Update on Classic Cardi:  I just started decreasing for the armholes on the back piece.  Tomorrow I will start the left front, which should go quickly.  That’s good because then I can knit more bookmarks.

Life is good!!


Nancy said...

This site has some great bookmark patterns and should help you reach your goal of 100+

SissySees said...

Love your mom's bible bookmark. I haven't knitted bookmarks for a while... and probably won't until some of these babies being born this year are reading!

Grace said...

i too have been knitting bookmarks, I read real books and kindle, so since you have me in the swap your book mark will be put too good use!!!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a wonderful keepsake to have your mother's cross bookmark. Very special. I actually finally succumbed to a Kindle last week and it arrived on Sunday. I've already read 2 books on it. I have mixed feelings because like you I enjoy the tactile enjoyment of holding a book but the storage space and convenience of ebooks is hard to resist....

kathy b said...

Guilt. As charged. I am hooked on them too