Monday, August 13, 2012

I Needed That!

The week ended with a big surprise from Grace of Lovin’ Comfort Knits.  She sent the Dino dinosaur I ordered (for DS#3 for Christmas) along with a birthday surprise of a cute little stuffy and a skein of yummy yarn!  The Loopy Ewe yarn in the Antique Treasures colorway is slated for a light and airy scarf called Easy Breezy, and is already whispering to me, “Come and knit me!”  Thank you for the wonderful gift dear Grace.  I love whispering yarn and the stuffy with the “bedroom eyes” has been a big hit all around the office.
I also have the little Bon Bons and a cone of cranberry colored yarn that are calling out to me.  Of course, they are for Christmas scarves so they will not have to wait long.  I’m already beginning to feel a little stress about Christmas knitting.  It is moving very slowly.  Why?  I guess I am knitting slower these days.  I guess we all slow down at times, but when I come home, pick up the knitting and mostly knit all evening, and still nothing is finished….  What’s up with that?
I took my knitting to the Veterinarian’s office yesterday.  Macy had an annual checkup scheduled and I thought I would take Max along to get his claws clipped.  NO KNITTING WAS DONE!!  Max threw a puppy fit you wouldn’t believe even if I could find the words to describe it, but I must try.  First he didn’t like them poking and prodding Macy and let them know by snarling in a very unfriendly voice.  Then when the time came to cut his nails he started howling.  He bit, snapped, howled and generally embarrassed me and Macy.  They finally had to put a muzzle on him, after which he let them know what he thought of their services by soiling their floors, clothes and clippers in a way that will leave his mark until they are thoroughly sterilized.  Next time I will take the knitting and leave Max at home!

Life is good!


kathy b said...

THe LOOPY Ewe gift yarn will be AMAXING knit up... How can you not cast on immediately????
Grace's monsters are a hoot!! THey make me laugh.
I have a moustached one!

PUppy fit sounds quite disruptive to knitting. !! Ahhh dogs will be dogs and that' s okay!

Nancy said...

Kids, whether two or four-legged, know the perfect time to throw fits. ;oD

Love the color of the Loopy yarn: it's dreamy.

Happy Belated Birthday!

SissySees said...

Gretchen is annoyed that I awoke her with my laughter... and mortified for poor Macy. What WERE you thinking, she wants to know!?

Sissy feels for Max. She isn't a fan of paw-dicures either, but... she's never pitched a fit. However, she has thoroughly embarrassed me by SCREAMING at deer, cows, etc. on our walks.