Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In Love Again

When I was a girl my Mother was always cautioning me not to fall in love too easily.  I was a grown woman with children of my own before I realized that she was talking about more than just boys!  She was talking about my penchant for being swallowed up by passing fancies and useless trends.  I am such a sucker for pretty things!  I fall on my face in love with inanimate objects every day.  One of the first things today was these darling purple shoes.  They would be perfect with the new dress I just bought and make the transition into winter with a sigh rather than a grumble.  See, there I go again!!

On the other hand, I am fickle.  DH points that out to me all the time!!  I like something, I buy something, I wear something once, and then the bloom is off the fashion flower.  Like this bronze jacket:
I bought it two years ago and STILL haven't worn it.  Okay, so he is right.  Just this once.
I fall in love with yarn A LOT!  My stash is filled with yarn like these 12 skeins of Sock It To Me.  I will not be using them for a long time, but they were a must-have purchase and I'm standing by them.  Five years from now I may need some of that yarn for a hat or scarf OR SOCKS!  Anyway, my yarn is like my children, I can't give it away and I have to love it no matter how difficult to handle it becomes!

Do you fall in love too easily?  When I say that about myself, DH reminds me that I had dates with two other guys on the same night as our first date.  I was just hedging my bets and again, I’m not talking about guys.  Not the same thing at all!  On the other hand, the three dates in one night thing didn’t work out any better than the bronze jacket!  Those other two guys still will not speak to me, and they have a chance at times because their wives are friends of mine.  The wives laugh about it but the guys still don’t think it was is funny.  But that’s another post….

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Cute post. And do you have at least three outfits those shoes would work with? If so, buy 'em!

I never had more than one date on a given day, because in high school, when call waiting was brand new... you know where this is going, don't you? ;) Lesson learned... about boys anyway.

Shoes and dresses are another story.

Nancy said...

Hey, buying yarn is only one of my vices, or is it a virtue? It's a fine, fine line.

kathy b said...


A very fun and revealing post! Silly boys who still can't get over IT! THey are just jealous they don't have you!

THose shoes are lovely. I swore I was reading CHan's post today when you started with shoe love.....

I fall in love with things to buy and purposely wait a day or two...almost always my fancy changes!

never with kittens or cats however.....I just have to have them once I've made up my mind