Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out To Lunch

Warning: That’s all the knitting content.  The rest is prattle!

In a recent blog post friend Chan questioned whether imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I had to admit that I most likely would not notice if someone imitated me because I am pretty much oblivious to what goes on around me.  It has become the family joke, to the point that when I go out with a couple of my friends DH asks them to “keep an eye on me.”

I was put on this earth to notice minute details.  You only have to look at the profession I chose (accounting) to realize that with me the important thing is the details.  Example: if I went into a setting with friends I would be busy looking at an antique crystal chandelier while they would be noticing the masked man in the room about to rob every one of their possessions.

I enjoy a monthly jaunt with two lady friends that usually consists of an unusual event like a murder mystery dinner, an antique-hunting trip to a tiny Texas town, or a séance in the creepy studio of a spooky mystic—to name a few.  We call it “girls’ night out” and it’s so much fun that other friends never fail to ask what our latest expedition has been.

On one particular evening we found ourselves alone in an old theater.  Being the first to arrive, my friends picked a spot to sit while I started checking out the historic wallpaper and candelabra.   Right away I was grabbed from behind by one of my companions and she whispered in my ear, “We! Are! Leaving!”  It was then that I noticed the other lady in our threesome had her gun in her hand.  She is the GRIT (girl raised in Texas) member of our group, who never leaves home without her gun (bless her heart).  Shortly after noticing the gun, I noticed that three men had followed us into the building.  It was us and the men, and they were headed straight for us.  GRIT held up her gun for them to see and they reversed their path and left through a side door.  We took that as our signal to go back to GRIT’s house and kill a bottle of wine (before SHE killed someone).  I did spend some time that evening telling them about the wallpaper and candelabra, which they had not noticed.

My point is that I believe there are two types of people in the world, those who notice their surroundings and are watchers for those of us who only notice small, trivial details.  It takes both types to keep the world in check.  Which type are you?

To the watchers, I thank you on behalf of the “out to lunch” crowd.  Please know that we are trying!!

Macy’s friend is watching for her….


SissySees said...


Thank goodness for your GRITS friend and her "little friend".

I can be either person. It all depends on where my head is in that moment. When I'm tired, I notice NOTHING. I wouldn't have seen the wallpaper or the stalkers. I would however, have been able to tell you that GRITS's gun sparkled in the light from the chandelier, and that the other friend's eyes were like Blue Willow saucers whilst she towed me to the door...

Okay. I'm a detail girl too.

Nancy said...

Detail all the way. My sister is always surprised that I recognize places in Denver we visited years before by the details and the "look" of the street. I do not however, remember how we got there only that we were there and where to turn for the quilt shop in an obscure strip mall. Oh yeah, it's all in the details.

kathy b said...

WOw What a story... she saved your lives perhaps!!!

I always look for the EXIT signs in a room. I notice so many things that my mind gets tired on vacation when everything is new to me. I am very visual I always say. Maybe I should focus on the little things....

Grace said...

This is why Tom feels an armed america would be a safer america. Instead good people have to jump through hoops to get guns and bad people have them handed to them.

I too was once in a similar gun wielding experience 35 years ago this month, it didn't have the greatest outcome but I was one of the lucky ones who survived. some day I will have to blog my story

Glad you are safe and that others watch out for you!!!