Monday, January 07, 2013

From Whence Cometh This Green Thumb?




I surprise myself daily when pruning and harvesting my herbs.  They come from seedlings I sprouted myself.  They have grown wildly and with abandon despite, DH maintains, my incessant talking to them.  I think they like it but who knows?  I have even heard a leafy giggle on occasion.  My family accepts my offerings of herbs in everything I cook with trepidation and good humor in equal amounts.  I believe that basil, oregano, sage, mint, rosemary all add greatly to various dishes and salads.  If you don’t believe me just bake a lemon/rosemary cake and then tell   me you think I am a crazy old lady!  I guess you could do that anyway but just try it!     BTW do you see Macy in the picture of the oregano?

As a testament to the weirdly new and prolific green thumb, other things are growing in my breakfast nook window—paper whites (which I also have never grown before), a tiny evergreen tree, and bunches of spearmint I can’t keep cut back fast enough.  All this comes from the hands of a person who could kill plants by breathing on them.  

Anyway, not to look a gift-horse in the mouth, I move on to knitting….  I finished a merino wool hat that pooled in an odd way but I never complain about that!  I am one of those people who applaud pooling as the yarn speaking to me and/or displaying its own special personality.  (Yes, sadly, I apply a lot of human qualities to inanimate objects).  This is Paton’s Classic Wool in a variegated pattern.  The colors were so “ME” that I had to have it even though there was only one skein in the sale basket.  What do you do with one skein—it was either fingerless mitts or a hat.  It snowed so hat it was!

I’m also committed to finishing the lime socks and though I vow not to show it again until I am at least knitting the sleeves, Classic Cardi has a left front.  Yippee!!

The dogs are busy killing toys—their favorite pastime.  Here is the pile I re-stuffed and sewed this morning.  It won’t last long!!

Life is good.



SissySees said...

LOVE that hat. I might have that yarn... I think I even know where to find it.

Love the glimpse of Macy too. Knit on and keep chatting at the herbs!

Ironically, my word verification is epesto. Pesto! Ha!

kathy b said...

Oh I love that hat too. It is so pretty and I like when colors pool instead of know?

Green thumb lady!!! I love rosemary and I love basil. My friend at work makes a basil vinaigrette that tastes so darn fresh on salad..mmmmmmmmm.

I want those plants but alas, the kitties eat all growing greens. and cut flowers. I am only growing bamboo in a place they cannot leap to.

If i could I"d have a baby pine tree

Nancy said...

Paperwhites are so pretty, but yikes, they smell soooo bad!

Nothing "green" in my house except fake plants and flowers. Do you think I have a Green Thumb?

I had to giggle when I read that your dogs "kill" their toys - too funny.