Thursday, January 24, 2013

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Macy and Max killed a squirrel on Squirrel Appreciation Day.  I think they resented the squirrels competing with the Inauguration and Martin Luther King Day.  The nerve of the little rodents!!  It was Max’s first kill but Macy is 4 for 4. 
I think max felt a little remorseful because he later took his squirrel toy outside and placed it carefully on the exact spot where the critter bit the dust.  Even squirrels deserve to be mourned! 

I finished the slouch beanie hat and like it a lot except that I wanted it to have more slouch to it!!  I made the hat from left over sock yarn so I had a limited amount.  The pattern says to knit 11 inches before decreasing for the crown but I had only knit 9 inches when I realized that I would have to make the crown a different color if I didn’t start decreasing.  Oh well, the Chroma is calling out to me for another hat, and I have plenty of it!  Slouchy hat here I come….

Speaking of socks, I was hooked by a skein of Blue Moon sock yarn in the shaded solids colorway Boysenberry.  Of course I ordered it!  You know what they say, “Don’t come knocking if your socks ain’t rockin’.”

I ask you--can such sweet faces belong to killers?
 Life is good.


SissySees said...

What a sweet post! I love that Max put his toy in the precise spot. I also wish Gg would listen to Macy and take up squirrels instead of snakes and dogs that weigh 7 times more than she does.

Pretty hat too.

Nancy said...

Face it, Max and Macy don't like to share their yard. Nuff said!

Love the Boysenberry color - the yarn is new to me - I might be tempted to try "The Green That Sings," "Vancouver Violet," or "TumbleScum."

kathy b said...

Send those two to me ..iM still upset with the squirrel that ATE my car.....

Go get em!

As for ordering new so happy your MOJO is back. What do you think turned it around?

(LOVE The slouch hat. So so cute....)

Katherine said...

Oh Kathy, squirrels are so cute, but truly horrible little creatures. Macy and Max know that!! They plan to do away with the world squirrel population with their own eight little paws!

Marti said...

My dogs are so jealous! they spend the days trying to get a squirrel but the ones we have are to smart for them.