Friday, November 11, 2005

H-M-M-M-M ! ! !

Something on my mind--knitting groups. I have my pet groups, the ones on which I contribute and learn equally. I also enjoy the ones I lurk on, mostly because there is good information and the knitters are generally on target and sometimes even brilliant. Some of them are so good and so real, that to add anything would be only to concur and say "yea, you're great!" The information is good and the ideas stimulating.

THEN, there are the ones that seem to constantly put people down because they don't "stay on subject." The contributors can't seem to say, "it's a nice day" without the moderator saying "stop it, you're not talking about knitting." I've read two today in which the contributor made a statement about her wrists hurting from knitting so much, and another on a sock knitting list group about something other than socks. In both cases, the moderator slapped--so to speak--the writer down for not staying on subject.

I don't know about the rest of you, but knitting is part of my life. It's impossible to talk about knitting without talking about life in general--my family, my dog, the weather (bulky or lace weight?). I would like to see every knitting group share life, which includes knitting, whether it's socks, lace, machine or...just life! Idealistic? I guess so. Impossible to manage? I don't think so. Would I have to start my own group to prove it could work? Can't! Life would get in the way!

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Kev said...

KNIT ON Katherine!

Yes I agree with you on the groups. Knitting is part of my life also and just hate it when life gets in the way of my knitting.

Just as I posted in my blog last night...a sweater I was knitting has P.O'ed me and I ended up shaving my head over it...LOL not really but I did shave my head.