Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Woe Is Me

It happens to a lot of people...you're driving along, finishing your errands for the weekend, looking forward to curling up on the couch with your knitting. Suddenly, BAM--CRASH!!! That lady in the other Toyota crosses three lanes of fast moving traffic and appears right in front of you. You lock up the brakes, brace for the impact and wait for the slap of the airbag. That was my Saturday morning. How was yours?

My DH did a masterful job of driving, but our poor little Toyota is toast. So, it's off to car shopping we go. I really don't need this right now with all the Christmas knitting I have to do, but at least I can sit in showrooms and the back seat of test cars and knit. Can't you see it now, "How do you like this one dear," he says. "Oh it's nice. The ride is smooth enough for me to knit in the back seat. I'll have to try it in the front." "Do you like the color?" he asks. "Hmmm? Color? Oh, it's okay too." Do you get the picture--that I don't care as long as it will get me to the yarn shop and back? The most important thing that happened this weekend was that we all (the two of us and the people in the other car) walked away from what could have been a really bad accident. New cars can be bought, but not new lives! Life is good!

Speaking of knitting (yes I was!). I'm finishing the "sock savior" socks for a sockless pal, and they are beooootiful. The sixth bag to be felted is coming off the machine tonight (only three more to go), and #2 sock for DS is well underway.

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Kev said...

OH NO!!!

Ok not to make light or fun of your situation...But

You didn't take your fav yarn or colorway to match paint colors with for your new ride for yarn shopping?

Glad you are both ok! I know the other day I had a woman on her cell phone cut across Central Expressway 4 lanes of traffic to get the same exit I was going for. At the stop light we ended up side by side and of course me being me I rolled down my window and let her have it.