Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dashes No Dots

Beginning the second "Dashes No Dots" sock. This pattern came about through sheer lunacy. I wound my new yummy yarn into a ball, and got my dpns. Then I cast on, knitted two inches of ribbing and realized that the pattern that I was going to use was in my office. Since I was sitting on the couch with the dog and the knitting in my lap, and well into a recorded episode of Firefly, I was not going to go get it, especially when Mal was sitting on a rock in the desert--well--um--naked. So I created on the fly, knitting the first thing that came into my head. It didn't turn out so badly.

My "creations" run about 50/50. Half the time I wish I had done something else, and the other half I'm amazed that I produced a fairly interesting object. Actually, I guess 50/50 is a stretch. There's that small percentage of the time when I end up asking myself, "What the h*## was I thinking?" It makes life interesting--all those times when we flub whatever we're doing and know that we are among the ranks of thousands who are messing things up at the same time! Yup, one more time..."Life Is Good."


Anonymous said...
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Rebeckah said...

This pattern is so cute I just might have to knit me a pair of socks in it.