Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pup Fashions

This was just too cute to resist. Macy the Jack Russell Terrier has a new sweater--a gift from friend Kris. For a big bad hunter type dog she sure is prissy! She loves to have a sweater on, and wears her bandana everyday. This month's bandana (which marks her as a working dog) has little ghosts and boos all over it. I wish I'd made this sweater, or at least I hope to be able to make some like it in the future. I've never knit a dog sweater (I have to get control of this sock mania). But if I knit them, she will wear them!

OTN - I cast on for "Fields of Pansies." Knit Picks Pansy color with purple, yellow, lavendar, and almost black is beautiful. I finished DD's purple waves (pic next post), and what a pretty design. I'll have to use that design again--there I go planning socks to the exclusion of all other knitting. Someone stop me or I'll have to borrow feet to knit for. I did cast on and start the Harry Potter tie/belt, so maybe I can put the socks down for a while. Sure, that's going to happen!

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