Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Toy

No knitting going on here today (or yesterday). I've been playing with my new BlackBerry toy--no, not really playing but trying to figure out how to use it. I've owned a Palm PDA for a long time and a cell phone since they were as big as shoe boxes, but put them together, add the internet and email, and you have a whole new ballgame. AND this is not a game I recognize. Not only does it do things without my asking (like type in words I haven't yet told it how to spell), but it gets together with my computer and coordinates my days and organizes my tasks like two office assistants I didn't know I'd hired. I hot-synced that puppy with Outlook, and it promptly told me I have a meeting tomorrow that I'd better not miss. Have you ever wondered if these high tech gadgets own us or do we own them? We shall see!

So, when I do get a chance to knit, I will be starting the Harry Potter tie shown in the picture. It's from Alison Hansel's Blue Blog, and so cute I know I will have to arm wrestle GD for it. I did some stash enhancement yesterday. In addition to the burgandy and gold WoolEase for the tie (which can also be worn as a belt), I bought plain navy sock yarn, red wool for a felted hat, and emerald green Fun Fur for a cute hat band. I'm good-to-go if I give up trying to figure out Trixie the new gadget, and just start letting it run my life.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Grandma, let's see if this thing will let me comment. I like the new phone. Very flashy. Good luck trying to get it to obey your orders.
Yesterday I was running around outside and it hit me as I shivered, this would be the best time for HP scarf. I was too lazy to run inside and get it though. But I thought about wearing it. That's what counts, right? Well, I will give you a call sometime in the near future, like this week.
Love you,