Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Name-Same Sock

Now known as Dashing, we see the completed pair frolicking in the ivy. Friend Kris of Knitting Little Bits renamed this dashing design, and it stuck. The pattern has been added to Knitting-On-The-Go web site, here. Now on to DD's purple socks.

I placed a big order with Knit Picks, my favorite place to order yarn online, and can't wait for the sock yarn even though the order was for the last of the wool to knit Christmas bags. Don't know how that sock yarn got in there, but it's sneaky stuff. I have to watch it or it will sneak into every yarn order I place. The bag wool is going to finish off the Christmas knitting nicely--fog and mist with a smidgen of daffodil thrown in should be pretty.

I had a call from GD#1 last week. She is a journalism major at Winona University, Minnesota. She, more than anyone else, got me interested in blogging. I read her online journal as often as possible, and now I hope she reads my blog. Not that she is at all interested in knitting. I can't get any of my grandchildren interested in the art--they are all too busy. Jessica is working at the newspaper there and studies hard to keep her grades high. She is a talented writer who started writing beautiful poetry at a young age. One day I'll post one of her poems here. All that and she is beautiful too. Oh to be young again and have the world at our feet--able to do anything we set our minds to. You can tell I am living vicariously through each of them. What a blessing grandchildren are!

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Linda said...

I really love your Love this Sock !! But were can it be found? is it on-line ? Sure hope so , I am still new to sock knitting , this one looks fun !!!