Thursday, October 27, 2005

One Done - One Started

Purple waves are done, and Field of Flowers started with KnitPicks Sock Garden in the Pansy colorway. The Pansy color is so pretty that I decided to just knit a plain sock with no lace or pattern, so nothing detracts from the beauty of the colors. Then, last night I selected the next "sock makings." (Gotta have the next pair ready).

Moving right along--I am also knitting the Harry Potter tie/belt, and working on another bag as previously reported. I'm making up for the two days I didn't knit at all--catching up on Christmas before I get so far behind that I'm knitting on Christmas day.

How about those White Sox!!!! (Yes four !!!!) Living in Texas and calling Chicago home makes it hard. I can't say "yea" for the Sox on the street for fear of being mobbed. The last two games were really fun to watch, and I'm a happy Sox lover! Go White Sox.

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