Sunday, January 08, 2006

And, I Don't Even Like Hats!

Here is Le Beret hanging out in the bathroom where it is about to be hand washed, blocked and shaped. It is so cute I want to keep it, but I don't like hats. I don't wear hats except for our one ski trip to New Mexico every year. Then they are on and off ASAP. So, I can keep it and wear it once this year, or I can send it to a cold-country-family-member. It's in the 80's here in Fort Worth today, which gives you some idea of why I don't wear hats or mittens or coats or.... I do wear scarves on occasion--and strictly as a fashion statement. I guess I'll keep the cute little hat and wear it when it's 40 degrees for 10 minutes in February.

Also, the black man-socks are finished and on the feet of DH. He really likes them and wants more. I said okay, because I really love to knit things for him. But I warned him that the next pair WILL NOT be black! Maybe a nice dark wedgewood blue, or even a silvery gray, but NOT black! I almost lost my eyesight over them. I couldn't find a light in the house that was bright enough. I think I need one of those horribly expensive natural lights you see in yarn shops and catalogs. Better start saving my pennies.

I am two inches into the waffle pattern on the Koolaid dyed lime green socks--the kiwi waffle socks as I am calling them. The finished sock is so soft and fits so well that I was tempted to wear just the one until the second is finished. Can't wait. So, you see, the knitting goes on. Here we are on January 8th, and two projects are finished and one almost done. Good progress for a new year. Now if things just go as well when I start printing w-2's for payroll clients tomorrow. But, it has been my experience that w-2 printing is never without drama! Wish me luck....

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Kev said...

That is just too cute! Thanks for sharing that with us all.