Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Block Party

Le Beret is blocking and hanging out with Whirly-Curly, which was started in November and put on hold for Christmas knitting. With this (and Kiwi Waffle sock almost finished) I have officially made contact with the bottom of my knitting basket. What a strange feeling--having an empty basket. I dropped the first six inches of the Plymouth Encore, purple/blue/green varigated vest on the US#8 Addi's into the basket, along with the two skeins of Encore I had already wound, and I felt much better. But first I took pictures of the empty basket, which I will post tomorrow, because I am sure there are more knitters like myself who have not seen the bottom of their "current project" basket for years. I had forgotten what it looked like, and there were several things hiding there to surprise me. I won't ruin the surprise for you. Tomorrow!

I like the hat even better now that it is blocked and shaped. It really looks like a beret. I've decided to keep it, but the Whirly-Curly scarf is already gone. DD claimed it last night when she stopped by, saying, "I know just what I'll wear this with tomorrow." I complain a lot because the things I knit disappear as fast as I knit them. But the truth of it is that I love to have family and friends claim them as their own, and love them as much as I do. At Grandparents Day at school recently I overheard a woman say to DD, "I love your bag. Where did you get it?" She replied, "Isn't it great? My Mom made it for me." Wow!! Give me more yarn, and more knitting time. I have to make more stuff. Life is good!

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Kev said...

NO NO NO not before I reach the bottom of my many WIPs baskets! LOL Good for you!