Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One Sock, Blue Sock

One blue variegated sock finished, and one at the heel. Ten-year old granddaughter Samantha picked it up a few days ago and tried it on. We were amazed to see that it fit her. The conversation went like this:
“Grandma, this sock fits! Are they for me?”
“No, these are mine.”
“But you never knit socks for me. You’ve knit a lot for my mom. When are you going to make me some?”
“Well…I guess I could make you some next. Okay?”
“But these fit really well….”
And on, and on, until we went to my stash and picked out some yarn that she likes, put her name on the wrapper, and I promised to make them next. I talked her into some yellow WoolEase, because I think that will hold up under kid damage better than wool.

I’m a lucky Grandma because all my kiddos love my knitted objects. But it does put pressure on me to knit faster, since we have six grandchildren, and if one gets socks, they all want socks!

After this encounter, I dreamed that night that I own a yarn shop, and in a back room I have several people knitting all those things I can’t find the time to knit. I wasn’t standing over them cracking a whip, but I was demanding, “Hurry! You have to knit faster!” They were complaining and saying, “Yeah, yeah, we hear you.” (Good help is so hard to find). My dreams are obviously telling me that I should quit working and knit all the time. Whenever I bring it up to DH he plays the “how would you pay for yarn” card. Not fair! I guess Sam is going to have to wait for her socks like everyone else…I’m knitting as fast as I can.

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Kev said...

All those socks! wow and great colors too!

I am doing the two at once magic loop myself...first time too! LOL it will drive ya to drink, let me tell you that much