Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Next--Dreamy Socks

Finished the blue variegated Baby Soft socks, and have started Opal Dreamcatcher socks. I’m so taken with this yarn. To begin with, it’s OPAL. Then there is the fact that the color is so deceptive. On the surface it looks gray and gray with a little off-white thrown in. But in a good light you see a subtle lavender emerge. I’m using the Cozy Socks pattern from Knit It! Fall 2005 magazine. The pattern is a four row repeat that creates triangles.
Row 1: K4, P1
Row 2: K3, P2
Row 3: K2, P3
Row 4: K1, P4
You can see that the purl stitches correspond to the row number, so you can knit this without looking at a pattern or even memorizing a stitch sequence. So easy, and so interesting.

I’m excited about Sockapaloooza starting tomorrow! I haven’t joined a KAL before—formally that is. I have knit-along with a couple groups—watched others progress and grabbed the free help to complete the project. Yes, I guess that makes me one of those lurkers everyone talks about. So I decided to “just do it.” I donated myself as a sock savior in Sockapaltwoza, to knit socks for someone whose sock pal dropped out. That was such fun that I wanted to do the full KAL this time.

I am free to join a KAL because I have finished end-of-year reports and W-2's, and have not yet officially entered tax season. I have about, um-m-m, two days to breathe and knit. It's these moments in between trouble and catastrophe that make it all worthwhile. Life is good!


Rebeckah said...

I've got some Opal Dreamcatcher in shades of blue. I think I'll be starting on it soon.

Anonymous said...

Mwaahaahaa! This is your wicked Sockapaloooza sock pal! So, you've been a sock angel, but this is your first KAL? Well, that kind of above-and-beyond-ness calls for specially over the top socks. Heheheh.

Anonymous said...

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