Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sock Duo

It’s not often that I knit two pairs of socks for myself at one time. I feel like royalty. Especially coming on the heels (pun intended) of the Kiwi Waffle socks I feel so pampered--and just a little bit selfish. I knit so much for other people, mostly family members, that I forget how nice it is to say, “These are for me.”

The pink socks are anklets in Knit Picks Dancing. The yarn is a cotton / wool / nylon and elastic blend that manages to be both stretchy and soft. You can’t see it well, but there is one row of lace stitches after the ribbing and before the ankle. They will be perfect for spring and summer…light and airy. The blue, white, mint green socks will have a longer leg—maybe as long as 10 inches. These are plain old acrylic (Baby Soft). I never use acrylic yarn as gifts, except for my daughter, who happens to like acrylic socks as I do. They wash and wear well. (I think so anyway).

I’m also continuing to work on the sweater vest, and making my peace with the fact that I probably won’t be able to wear it this year. The weather people say it will be 80 degrees here again today. (Toto, we're not in Chicago anymore). They promise colder weather for the weekend, along with rain. Ha! If you believe THAT I have some land in Arizona I want to sell to you. I think winter has deserted us, and we are going to roll right into spring and summer without ever having to put on a coat. I guess the weather is Fort Worth’s love-it-or-leave-it thing. Most cities have something you would change if you could, but you can’t so you learn to love it.

So, I L-O-V-E Fort Worth weather! Really, I do—I really do—really. I am not convinced yet, but I’ll keep trying.

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