Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've Bottomed Out

There were some surprises waiting for me on the bottom of my “current project” knitting basket. I have about ten baskets, bags, mesh barrels and plastic containers around the house with yarn and projects in various states of completion. But the one I keep with me all the time, and carry from room to room with me was empty for a brief time yesterday. What an awakening! I realized how much I “live” out of my knitting basket. I shove stuff into it and forget it for, ummmm, years it seems.

Seen in the photo:
1. Scissors that have been missing for at least a year.
2. Yarn bobbins I bought during the summer when I was going to knit mosaic socks, and didn’t because I couldn’t find the bobbins.
3. A large marble. Go figure.
4. A stuffed penguin. Think about that while you are contemplating the marble.
5. A pretty chain with a yarn cutter attached.

6. Lots of Comfort Zone dpn's.
7. A miniature sock. I can only assume that a Barbie somewhere is running around with only one sock on.
8. And the big shocker, a Coach bag with bunches of knitting tools inside: needle checker, Chibi full of needles, tons of stitch markers, two stitch holders, two cable needles, and on and on.

I’m taking a poll. Does anyone else have their knitting accoutrements in a Coach bag, or a Louis Vuitton, or any designer bag or pouch? Is that the height of arrogance? Is that just too, too posh? I considered getting a brown paper bag to put the things in and finding another use for the Coach pouch—like cosmetics, or my mp3 player. But I had to ask myself, “Is anything more important than knitting?”

The stuff is still in the Coach bag, under the knitting project I have now put in the basket. So, I guess the answer is pretty clear! Nothing!

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Kev said...

GIRL! we are in DFW...what else would we keep in a LV or Coach bag besides knitting stuff?

So lets see if we go 3 blocks south of me we're in Turtle Creek and if we go about 10 blocks east we're in Highland Park. I wonder what they keep their DPNs in? Lets get real they hire people to knit for them! LOL