Monday, September 19, 2005

Is Bigger Really Better?

This is DD#1's bag before felting. I mentioned before that she was about to grab one of the smaller bags I have finished, but I encouraged her to let me knit her a really big bag. Well, this one is really BIG. I don't have the handles on it yet because I don't know what kind I want to put on it. And, I think I have to line it too because if she fills this baby up with junk it will be stretched out of shape (and she will need a cart to carry it in). But she needs a huge bag since she does carry a lot of junk.
Over the years I have pared down the contents of my handbag. It started with my back hurting and advanced to "just can't pick that thing up again." So now I carry a large "knitting" bag with a wallet on a strap thingy inside. I leave the big bag in the car and put the wallet over my shoulder so I don't really have to carry anything.
There has been a trend to smaller bags in the last couple years, but it still amazes me the things women carry in their bags. Every now and then a family member or friend will empty their bag in my presence and I wonder why they are carrying half of the stuff that was inside. Some of it is habit and fear of not having something with you that you have carried for so long. It took a lot to break myself of that, and I was a hard nut to crack. I used to carry a big handbag AND a briefcase. Now I'm all for women being good to themselves. Too many of us carry the weight of the world--in our bags and on our backs. My new motto is "The less stuff the better!" Be good to yourselves ladies.