Friday, September 23, 2005

What's Next?

There's another bag on the knitting machine. They are all turning out beautifully, and slightly varied from bag to bag. I've made them big and small; round and square; with handles and clutches without. I'll post pictures when I have handles on the last two. What's on the needles:
1. One American flag sock is all red, white and blue stripes down to the toe, which will be blue.
2. The second Hollyberry Christmas sock is ribbed to the heel, and ready to start the heel flap.
3. The sixth face cloth is half finished. It's baby blue in a lace pattern. That is what is now on the needles and in progress.

So, what's next?
1. Four more face cloths, the next one in red, with a maple leaf--for my Canadian SIL.
2. Some lovely hunter green wool and silk blend for a Clapotis.
3. Anklet socks in orange Blauband.
4. Knee socks with shamrocks for my Irish dancing GD.
4. Three more bags--the next one in marine blue, tulip pink, and periwinkle.

The big question is, will I finish before Christmas? October is looming, and I am feeling the pressure. But it is such sweet pressure. There's a big difference between saying "I have to do three months of data entry to put together a set of financials for a client by next Monday," and saying "I have to knit." BIG difference. One is stress and the other is, well, really nice! If only I didn't have to work. (Sound familiar?)