Friday, September 30, 2005

Ladybugs All Wear Sunglasses

I didn't know that ladybugs wear sunglasses until my 9 year-old GD Samantha told me. During a stop at Starbucks with her Dad, she won a discussion about whether Grandma needed a bear disguised as a ladybug, and I became the ladybear keeper. But before she brought her much loved gift to me, she had to scare up a pair of ladybear sized sunglasses, because as everyone knows, they all wear them. (How else can they stand to fly around in the sun all day, or find their way home)?

Samantha is our little actress--a member of Fort Worth's Kids Who Care group. They travel around the city and all over the US and world, performing in "happy" plays that make you feel like singing yourself. I have never seen a more talented group of kids. Of course, being Grandma to one of them, I cry everytime Sam comes on stage!

I know that knitting is the subject of this blog, but at one point or another I will have to talk about my beautiful grandchildren--one by one so I won't totally alienate any readers. Grandchildren are the greatest thing in the world. I adore each one of my children, but the grandkids are clearly why we have them in the first place. We have seven of them and each one is so unique and talented in their own way. As I watch them grow I have to repeat my mantra--life is good! Ah yes, so it is!