Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Two Down and Eight To Go

Another felted bag finished, and only eight more to go--that is if everyone who walks through my knitting room will let them alone. This one I filled with tissue and deposited in a plastic bin with "don't touch" on the top. Also, my Christmas Central sign is up and visitors are no longer allowed in the knitting room. Santa's Elves can get really testy if you annoy them!

I love doing these bags! They are so easy on the knitting machine, and so pretty. I ordered two of almost every color KnitPicks has in Wool of the Andes, so the color combinations are going to get interesting! The next one I do will be the mail carriers bag with a flap and long/wide strap. I not only love knitting these bags, I love starting Christmas in July or August!

I also finished another face cloth in Bernat's Cotton Tots. It's so soft. This one is for GD #3, and is pink with hearts on it. Don't you think they will make great stocking stuffers? I'm going to try soap sacks for the guys as well. My Canadian SIL's will be red with a maple leaf on it. What fun!!!

Friend Kris sent me a box with lots of Cascade 220 in it, to make scarves for Katrina victims. We have 10 to 12 kids in each of the schools around us, and the Chamber of Commerce has asked for hats and scarves and other clothing items to be delivered to the school for them. I made one in a pretty violet color and a lacy pattern. Some little girl will enjoy it I hope. I'll knit a hat to match before I go on to another in a more masculine color. Yup--Christmas in September makes me happy!