Saturday, September 17, 2005

Random Thoughts

Berroco has a new pattern out for a Suede Knitting Tote that I have fallen in love with. I figured what it would cost in the Berroco Suede at $9.99 per skein plus handles etc., and it's more than $60. Since I wouldn't go out and pay sixty bucks for a ready-made bag right now, it follows that I need to find some cheaper suede yarn. Lion Brand suede yarn runs about $7.50 a skein, but contains more yardage, so it would only take 3 skeins instead of 5 Berroco skeins. That's cheaper, but I'm still looking. I'll make a trip to Michael's later today.

DH asked why I don't just buy a yard of microsuede at JoAnn's and sew the bag. I looked at him like he was crazy--sew? "Did you say sew what is supposed to be a knitted bag? You still don't get this whole knitting thing do you?" He admitted that he doesn't, and we went on making plans to swing by Michael's later. I can't complain though. DH never argues when I say I have to buy MORE yarn. He never whines about me knitting at times when he probably wouldn't (like movies or waiting to be seated in restaurants). And, he stops by the chair where I knit every now and then and says "That's pretty." He is a jewel in many ways. I prayed for my daughters to find husbands who were as calm, loving and easy-going as their Father, and they did (Thank you God). So, as I've said many times before, life is good! Now if I could just find that suede yarn....