Sunday, September 11, 2005

Missing... action! It's been an odd week. I can't believe it is 9/11 already. Mixed thoughts today. Where was I when.... What was I doing? On the other hand, happy thoughts, my sweet DIL Michelle's birthday, my dear Mom's birthday this week--I miss her so much!!! Add to this mish-mash, I've been sick all week with a fluish bug, and am just beginning to feel like me again. Top it all off with the unbelieveable amount of work I will have waiting for me at the office when I get back after a week away. HOLY COW!

On the knitting front--I finished another face cloth. This one is in navy and has a rooster on it (as in rise and shine!). It's for GS Christian. I started another one in white with a big center flower. Finished a pair of socks (pictures next time), and another bag on the machine. This bag is in red, orange and chocolate. Daughter, ER Nurse, Bethany walked into the knitting room and saw it a few days ago. She goes in there to scrounge for new socks, and this time she got lucky. She saw the lime green striped Parade socks and said, "Oh beautiful! I'll wear these to work tomorrow." Then she saw the bag blocking and was reaching for it when I convinced her that she needed a bigger one. She carries more junk in her purse than anyone I know! I think it's time for me to put up my annual sign on the knitting room door, "Christmas Central. STAY OUT!! The penalty for entry will be coal in your stocking."

So, it has been quite a week, but I can accomplish anything now that I feel better. FO pictures next time, and until then cheer up everyone--Fall is coming!!